Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday "Zoo" Recap & Kindle Freebies

This was our last week of summer break.  (you may here me sniffling) I really love the time I have with the kids each summer and hate to see our free days coming to an end.  This year should be an exciting one though. Miss Madison is a Senior, Mr. K a sophomore and Little Mister starts preK.  He met his teacher this week and claims he is not going to school.  Monday should prove to be lots of fun. And back to a schedule.  Do you have any back to school tips? Anyhow, that is what is going on with us .  Now let's get on with this weeks recap.




What have I been reading this week?  The McKinnon Legends and am seriously enjoying them so far. I just began book 3.  They have a lot of romance, some action and time travel so far.  
This Sunday's Kindle freebies: 


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Reviews & Giveaways

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oh...and I have a movie pick for you. I just finished watching Olympus Has Fallen. We picked it up in Redbox (love my Redbox).  Loved this movie, intense , full of suspense definitely worth the watch!   Do you have a movie pick for the week?  

Last check out our Pay It Forward post. We're so excited to be a part of the Campus Book Rentals $25 backpack challenge. Super Awesome helping a child get ready for school and help a local family out!

 That's it until next week. Hope you enjoyed the recap.  

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