Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday "Zoo" Recap & Kindle Books for the Week!

How has your week been? It has been super long for us . School began and little Mr. has to be there way earlier than he did last year . We've had some adjustments needless to say.  So, far he's done great and brought home a sticker with a great day every single day. I'm so proud of that guy and his big brother and sister also.  Moving day is getting closer and we couldn't be more excited for it !  We received our new Delta Faucets and can't wait to have them installed into the new bathrooms They are truly AWESOME!! I know the whole bathrooms appearance will change with the new faucets installed. Here is a sneak peek of my new Delta Faucets.

 photo IMG_9674.jpg photo IMG_9673.jpg

I'm so excited I think they are going to look amazing and I can't wait to try the new Touch 20 XT technology.  Stay tuned I'll be sharing the review here as soon as they are installed .

  My kitchen had tile laid this week and it looks wonderful!  So, overall I'd say we're very tired but it has been good.  What about your week?

Now for the weekly recap.


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Reviews and Giveaways 

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Brew Over Ice Giveaway See link below.

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What I've been Reading This Week:  The McKinnon Legends by Renay James (just finished the last in the series.) These books are about time travel . I loved the series because each book was about a different set of characters in the same family.  Renay James is a great story teller.

Kindle FREEBIES This Week: 

Weekly Movie Pick: 

Olympus Has Fallen 

Until next week's recap be safe and have fun !