Monday, August 26, 2013

Puffs Fresh Faces Review

Tissues are tissues or so I thought.  Then I received a lovely package from Puffs with the new Fresh Faces for me to give a try.  Pleasantly surprised and I have to tell you all tissues are not the same.  Puffs has teamed up with Boogie Wipes and the result is Puffs Fresh Faces.  Puffs fresh faces are infused with saline making them an extra soft tissue baby wipe.

 photo IMG_9712.jpg
The goodies I received.

The Puffs Fresh Faces are great for removing make up , or wiping off after a hard workout.  They are really very refreshing.  My favorite ones are the Fresh Faces with Vicks. These are so comforting when you have a cold.  If you are like me you don't like giving your children a lot of medication.  These are great for the stuffy nose.  We've been in school one week and already came down with a cold.  The  Puffs were wonderful for my 4 year old and that sweet little nose.  They provided some much needed relief.   I am so glad I had them for him I will definitely be picking up more of these! .   

 photo IMG_9716.jpg
Puffs Fresh Faces with Vicks

 photo IMG_9717.jpg
The Puffs are a nice size. 

The Puffs Fresh Faces come in easy resealable  packages.  Each Tissue is a nice size they are not to small. They are also a  nice thickness that makes them not break apart or tear easily.Puffs Fresh Faces are patented and uniquely formulated with Natural saline, aloe and vitamin E.  Here at the Zoo we say give them a try you might just be happily surprised. We were! 

" I received one or more of the products above complimentary as a Fresh Faces Blogger.  All opinions shared are my own. "