Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Parks and Squares in Savannah #TuesdaysTravels

Exploring the Parks and squares around Savannah is a great way to spend an afternoon of travel. We visited  Chippewa square , Wright square and Forsyth park this summer on our Girl Scouts trip. 

 photo SavannahGSTrip.jpg

Chippewa Square 

Chippewa square is where the movie Forrest Gump was filmed.  Bisecting Bull Street Chippewa Square was built around 1815 after the Revolution.  The beautiful sculpture in the center of the square is of General Oglethorpe.  In this square you will find the First Babtist Church as well as several older homes and buildings.  

Wright Square

Wright square was fun the girls ran around the giant rock sculpture and learned about an important Indian .....  Chief Tomo-Chi-Chi, the Yamacraw chief who offered peace and cooperation with the settlers.  Visit Savannah and learn all about him to.  Today the courthouse and post office stand on this square. 

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Forsyth Park -

Forsyth Park is considered Savannah's central park.   It is the perfect place to visit, take photos and just enjoy the historic district of Savannah.  During the Civil War union soldiers encamped here. With the Spanish moss hanging from the trees, the many monuments, and the wonderful architecture you won't want to miss stopping by Forsyth Park on your viist.  It really is quite pretty. 

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