Thursday, August 1, 2013

Death Dealer by Ashley Roberson Book Review

Death Dealer (A Death Angel Novella-Book 1)love or revenge which would you choose?  Deacon and Mia are both death dealers.  What might you ask is a death dealer?  I picture it something like the grim reaper.  They go out and collect souls when the time has come. Sometimes, they have to get the soul to exit the body, and others the soul just jumps out. Along the way to the light or dark gate their can be scary creatures which try to interfere and they fight.  This job can be dangerous , yet it is a job both Deacon and Mia chose after their loved ones were viciously murdered.  

Both Mia and Deacon made deals. They would become death dealers if they were allowed to escort the soul of the person who murdered their loved ones.  Revenge was on the mind for them both.  Several twist and turns happen from this point on but I don't want to give you a review full of spoilers.

Deacon and Mia have had an underlying romance brewing. They work together , they have a bond but its more that that.  What will become of this death dealer couple? Will fate intervene?  Will they both become death angels?  Death Dealer is a bit different, it's a fast and enjoyable read.  I would have liked it to  be a bit longer but it was a delightful read just the same.  

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