Thursday, July 18, 2013

Soda Pop Bottle Beach Craft For Kids

One of our favorite parts of summer is the beach of course!  We always come back with buckets of seashells when we visit. My kids just love picking them up, throwing them back, collecting them , all the fun stuff you can do with shells.  You guys know I love soda bottle crafts. I have a whole Pinterest board about them.

~ We were recently inspired by the Ocean Wave bottle at  Here is what you need to make your own.  You might also like our soda pop flowers , or soda pop planters.  Another fun summer craft is a soda pop sail boat.  The bottles float great and hold up to rough play pretty well.

Ocean Wave Soda Pop Bottle Craft

 photo OceanBottleCraft.jpg

You Need: 

  •  Soda Bottle rinsed 
  • small sea shells and creatures
  • oil (I used coconut oil ) 
  • water
  • blue food coloring 
  • white or blue glitter
 photo oceabottlecraft-1.jpg

What you do: 

Rinse out your bottle to get started.   Fill it 1/2 way up with water .  Then add your 5-10 crops of blue food coloring.  Add in your small shells and then glitter.  Fill up the rest of the way with clear oil. We used Coconut oil because that is what I had on hand . Loved the Beach smell it added to the experience .  Hot glue on your lid just for safety you don't want that getting poured in the floor later.

 photo oceanbottlecrafts.jpg It really does look like an ocean wave. So fun!  Have you made any sea shell crafts this summer? Tell us about them. Leave us a comment !