Friday, July 12, 2013

Customized Nutrition For Your Pets Needs With

Picky pets that is what I have.  I will often pick up a new food for both my dog and cat and they will walk away without touching it.  You just never know with these two.  We recently received the chance to try both dog and cat food from  I couldn't wait to see what Ripley (my yellow lab) and Skates (our cat) would think of this new custom food .

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We received complimentary products from Petbrosia for reviewing purposes. All opinions shared are my own!

First, I had to go online to and place an order. The entire process was very simple to do, easy and user friendly.  I answered questions like weight, size and breed of dog.  After I completed each pets profile and placed my order Petbrosia set to work creating our customized food. Out of the many different foods we have tried this was our first customized food so I was excited to see what the critters thought.  We received tracking information almost instantly and our package arrived really quick too. cat food photo IMG_9310.jpg
A look at the cat food .
Petbrosia believes in proper nutrition for your pet. This is why they customize each order to fit your pets needs.  The food came in a resealable foil bag. I love that it is resealable which helps keep it fresh and also little hands from getting into it and making a mess. We received both dog and cat food and were quite pleased with the appearance and smell of the food.  Each bag came with a card that broke down all of the ingredients and gives nutritional information on the specific blend.  The next step was to see what my pets thought. food review photo IMG_9314.jpg
Skates giving Petbrosia custom cat food a try.

Skates without a doubt loved this food.  As soon as I opened the bag she was in the kitchen circling my feet and meowing.  While I was fixing the dog his dinner she was busy climbing into the bag of cat food sneaking a little extra (good thing that bag is seal able).  The tiny pieces were great for her. Sometimes with dry foods she has a hard time chewing it but she apparently had no issue with this food because every time I give it to her it disappears and quickly. 

Next, it was Ripley's turn.  Ripley is a yellow lab and has a few health issues.  Having a food that helps him do well is really important to me.  Ripley looked at the bowl for only a second before he dove right in.  We had another winner dog food photo IMG_9320.jpg
Ripley trying out his custom nutritious dog food from

Every step in this process was an easy one. From placing an order to feeding my pets everything went smoothly which made for one happy customer.  Having a pet food that both of my pets love is wonderful and even better I know that it is a healthier option for them too.  If you have a pet that has allergies no worries. Petbrosia also offers allergy blends just for them. 

 If you are a pet owner I suggest you pay Petbrosia a visit and check them out. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on new product news and arrivals.

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Living at the Whiteheads Zoo received one or more of the products mentioned above  compliments of Petbrosia for reviewing purposes.  All opinions shared here are my own.