Friday, June 21, 2013

The Golden Apple of Discord by Lauren Hodge Book Review

Today I'd like to share my thoughts on the first book in the Discord Trilogy The Golden Apple of Discord.   Lauren Hodge has written a fun and entertaining paranormal that I totally enjoyed. With that said here is my review. 

MY Thoughts: 

The Golden Apple of Discord is the first book in the Discord Trilogy.  It begins with four sisters who are all powerful witches.  One day Taralie is kidnapped from their home and turned into a vampire.  The relationship of these sisters is sometimes intense and other times downright funny.  When the head society of the witches tell the other sisters they have to kill Taralie they say “No Way” and all become fugitives.  While on the run the other sisters end up vampires and you have one bad behind set of girls.  

The character development in this book is AWESOME!  These girls are strong little cookies and by goodness they know what "family" is all about and stand by each other even when things are tough.  There is a bit of romance but its good clean romance .  Lots of action and I love the history lessons. The boys add so much to the storyline and the vampires they are all beoming are quite fun. They all seem to work better together . I love how they don’t just forget about their Dad and go out of their way to protect him (as should be). I also love his relationship and conversations with his girls (specially Taralie). I think the daughter / daddy relationship really adds something to the storyline here. One of the best parts in my opinion is when he is sizing up the guys about dating his daughters.  Just like a Dad would do.

The Golden Apple of Discord has a touch of it all.  Family, romance , action, paranormal , great plot, great characters and captivating. I totally recommend this one to anyone who likes paranormal and if you don't you might just want to try it anyway because it is not your typical vampire story.  Thank you Lauren Hodge I look forward to picking up book #2.  

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I received a complimentary copy of the Golden Apple of Discord for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own and may be different from your own.

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