Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ripple by E.L. Farris Book Review

Ripple ~ My Thoughts: 

 Ripple is an amazing story about a young teenage girl (15) and her Mom as they struggle to survive after rape and child abuse.  This book truly encompasses so many different emotions.  You'll feel pain and sadness, humor and joy , sympathy, anger.

Helen comes home from a business trip to find two wine glasses and signs of an affair.  Angry she heads to her husband's computer to find proof she can use in a divorce. Instead she finds a video he has made of himself raping her daughter.  Not her Phoebe.  He comes home and she kills him with his own golf club (justice).

Since he shared their address online Phoebe isn't safe. Helen grabs up her daughter and flees to a safe house. It is here the two will cope with what has happened , and begin to heal.  That's not the end of the psychos for Phoebe though. One of those awful men her dad was going to give her too well he just isn't going to give up.   This poor girl goes through more than any person should. You'll find yourself cheering her on when she turns a corner and crying when you read her pain.

Not only is the book about the main characters Phoebe and her mom Helen. These two have an amazing support system of some very strong women.  Strong women who've also been affected by abuse in some way and are survivors.  I think this is a great read for anyone but an awesome read for anyone who is going through something similar and needs to know their is always hope .

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I received a complimentary copy for reviewing purposes . All opinions are my own.

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