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Into The End Series by Bonnie R. Paulson Book Review

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MY THOUGHTS on INTO THE END by Bonnie R. Paulson: 

What would happen to us if America was invaded. Into and End definitely gives you pause to seriously think what would you do?  SCARY times !!  In Into The End not only are major cities hit but the little ones you'd think they would worry about are hit too. Very real possibilities in this book very real and very scary!  The first few chapters I was not sure that I would like the book.  It took a few for me to make the connection of all the characters and then I was hooked.  A true heart pounder! 

Rachel and her husband have a plan when disaster hits they will take their family into the mountains where they have a home hidden away and will hopefully be safe.  The great country is under attack and the question is why? Could they be after Rachel. Their are definitely some factors that point in that direction.  Rachel ran test, she's a psychologist who designed the tests of torture and interrogation techniques. I wouldn't want to mess with her nor be in her shoes. Her husband  is one who tries to help everyone at any cost. The kids they are real troopers any Mom would be so proud. These kids go through so much while the world as they know it is being destroyed.  Brenda is Rachel's sister a nurse and captured by the "bad guys".  Her character really takes off later in the series.  Joshua is the neighbor in the mountain, Rachel's husband (Andy's) best friend. He adds so much to the cast of characters.  So much goes down with the family as they fight to survive!   Lots of twist and turns and hold your breath moments. I couldn't put this series down.  Bonnie R. Paulson really ROCKED this series!

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