Tuesday, June 4, 2013

El Galeon St.Augustine Florida Stop Tuesdays Travels

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El Galeon St.Augustine Florida Stop 

We took our little pirate to see the El Galeon in St.Augustine Florida.  The El Galeon will be in St.Augustine until June 9th.   The El Galeon is huge with over 9,600 square feet of  sail. El Galeon is a replica of the ships that brought Spanish Explorers to Florida 500 years ago. The ship set sail from Spain and made its way here in celebration of the Viva Florida. 
 photo ElGaleon2.jpg
My little pirate was rubbing his hands together when he saw the ship from the bridge. It's quite a sight just looking from a far.   He couldn't wait to romp and climb the many stairs .  After our day on the ship we headed over to the Castillo de San Marcos which is a castle in his eyes and had a picnic lunch. It was lovely afternoon.
 photo castillodesanmarcos.jpg
If you are in the area there are still a few days left.   Take the time to go explore this beauty.  We definitely enjoyed our time here!!
 photo IMG_8439.jpgTickets can be purchased at Ripley's outlets throughout the city or online here  .  Have a great time if you go and share a photo on our facebook page. We'd love to share in your fun day.  

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