Thursday, June 27, 2013

Dino Footprints That Fizz! #ScienceWithKids

We were inspired by the fizzy Dino prints over at the Kids Activities blog.  I thought we'd give it a try here at the Zoo.  And of course....things did not go as I planned. I mean we're here at the Zoo right.

 photo dinosaur1.jpgHere is what you do.  Set up a tray with baking soda poured on it.  Get out some dinosaurs.  Set up cups with vinegar and add a few drops of food coloring.  Grab a dropper.
 photo dinosaur2.jpgThis was a cute and fun activity and I imagine a lot of kids would love the bubbles and fizz.
 photo dinosaur3.jpgTake the dropper and add some drops of the vinegar mix to your soda. Of course it fizzes. Walk your dinosaurs through them and make fizzy footprints.

 photo dinosaur4.jpg

We've tried several activities now and he just doesn't get into the interaction of the soda and vinegar.  Maybe when he gets older? PLUS the smell of vinegar made him gag.  He didn't like the fizzy bubbles but what he did find interesting was the footprints.  After a bit he dumped all of the liquid out and played like the dinosaurs were swimming and wading through the water.

 photo dinosaur5.jpg   You can't go wrong when there is something to splash and make a mess in. Whether it smells or not.  I think we'd have been better suited to do just colored water but hey for those of you whose children would like it the fizzy soda/vinegar mix is COOL!

 photo dinosaur6.jpg Have you experimented with soda and vinegar?  What about kids science experiments? Tell us about them. Need some more inspiration check out our science for kids Pinterest board.

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