Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Handy Tool in the Kitchen! #Review MIRA ST75 Kitchen Scale

The wonderful folks at  MIRA sent me a kitchen scale to test out.  I have to confess we didn't just use our scale in the kitchen this week. We used it as a summer boredom buster. C and I weighed different things from the kitchen and around the house and talked about if they were heavy or light.  C. had a great time weighing objects and it gave us something new to explore.  I am excited to have the kitchen scale for weighing food particularly when I'm trying to diet and doing Weight Watchers.  So many times I could have used this .  I love that this scale can help me accurately measure out my ingredients.

weighing a toy train
weighing cheese

The first thing I noticed when I opened the box is the nice , sleek design of the  MIRA ST75 Kitchen Scale.  It is light weight and compact making it easy to store in a cabinet or drawer, or to even take along when traveling.  The numbers are easy to read. Both large and bright.  The scale takes two AAA batteries which were provided (YEAH). The scale is made with a high accuracy sensor and automatic zero f unction. (it ignores plates and dishes) It measure in both ounces and grams in accurate measurements in 1g/0.05 oz increments .  The MIRA kitchen scale even  comes with a 2 year warranty . 

Here is a video clip of me and the little weighing things with the MIRA Kitchen scale.

I would definitely recommend the MIRA ST75 Kitchen scale for anyone who is trying to keep track of their food or loves to cook and bake. It's a great tool to have access too. You can purchase this kitchen scale at Amazon for $15.99.

If you would like to learn more about this kitchen scale or any of MIRA's other home products, you can find them on their websiteFacebook or Twitter.

Living at the Whitehead's Zoo received a kitchen scale compliments of MIRA for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own and may differ from yours.  


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