Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wordless Wednesday ~ Strawberry Pie Flop

Are there some things in the kitchen you just can not make for anything?  I have a few...Strawberry pie being one of them. My pie has a story. You see my Grandma use to make strawberry pie, but she did not share her recipes. If she gave you a recipe was sure to leave off a couple of the key ingredients just because....  After she passed away I decided to tackle her pie. The first time I made one...OH The mess I wish I had a picture because you can not imagine the mess that occurred with that pie. Sticky jello mess ended up exploding all over my kitchen and I promised I would  never make a strawberry pie again.

Now fast forward several years and I changed my mind and decided to give it another try. I mean there are only dozens upon dozens of strawberry pies on Pinterest so it can't really be that hard. Right?

This pie I was quite pleased things seemed to be going well. And then.....the strawberry part didn't gel or thicken or whatever it is suppose to do. So yet again another strawberry pie flop. We had strawberry soup pie more less.

 photo IMG_8295.jpg

Not very Wordless this week =) Do you have something you just can't cook ?