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Discussion 1 Cat and Bones ~ #CatBonesRA

Cat and Bones that's what I'm thinking about these days or dying to read MORE of anyway.  I signed up for this fun read along.  There's still time and you can too if you'd like.  The book for May is Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost.  I hadn't read any of Frost's books until this series but  I will be from here on out.

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This weeks discussion is about the first chapters 1-7 of Halfway to the Grave.

What do I think of Cat and Bones?

Cat is this tough , feisty woman. You 'll find yourself laughing out loud or hollering yeah go girl from the sofa.  She's 1/2 vampire yet she hunts them and by golly kills them on the regular basis. She's one tough cookie.  She deals with her MOM (whom I can not stand). I'd love to see a vamp take that lady out because she is anything but good Mom material  and definitely not classy but hey.  She has her own style of emotional abuse in my opinion when it comes to Cat. But no worries Cat has turned out to be one AWESOME lead character so far.

Then you have  Bones and girls I'm a sucker for a bad boy vamp.   This bad boy has that British talk going on. He says things like babe want to shag, and it's alright luv, bugger. He screams power, and hotness and all the things bad boy vamps do but not only that he seems to have a sweet spot for Cat.  From the beginning he nicknames Cat "Kitten" and I can just imagine how maddening as a woman that would make her .

My Thoughts On the deal: 

When Bones catches Cat in her game and ties her up I'm thinking OH boy she's in trouble now. And she was but it didn't turn out like anything I expected. This chapter is so funny the talk back and forth between the two.  When they struck the deal for her to work as Bone's bait I was relieved and happy because of course I'm wanting to see where these two take us.

"Are you telling me bloody Carmel apples and books taught you how to kill vampires." Bones

Cat's training ~ I'm so glad Bones isn't my personal trainer although I'm thinking I wouldn't mind looking at him hot and sweaty (did I say that).  She doesn't really whine or complain at all of the work and he puts her some serious combat , workout stuff.  I LOVE that she is not a whiner shes a lets do this kind of gal.  And I love that he's a tough , matter of fact power house. This is what you need to accomplish , now lets do it. These two make quite a team !

What do I think about the ways in which a vampire can be killed (p 32-39)? 

I appreciate that Bones is going through telling us myth or truth.  I kind of like the fact that all of those things we've previously read or watched or heard is basically considered myth in this book.   Takes us on a different path and I think it makes for more combat and action when the fights take place!  MIND Control ~ all vampires have some sort of mind control. Cool! I mean come on these guys are suppose to breathe danger and bad. Them having mind control just adds to the bigger picture right.

This leads us to another one of my favorite quotes so far again from Bones..."Clean gentlemanly fighting will get you nowhere but dead and fast. Take every cheap shot, low blow, absolutely kick people when they're down, and then maybe you'll be the one who walks away."

Wow, and that is just the first seven chapters. Okay guys join us and get reading we'll be back next week with chapters 8-14.  Shh I've already ready book 1 and 2. I  had to cut myself off or I'd have finished the series this week.

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