Tuesday, May 21, 2013

10 Creative Ways to Play With Paint

 photo paintingwithkids.jpgExploring, creating and playing with paint. At my house we love painting. It is one of C's very favorite activities.  Although a bit messy at times I love it too. I can't wait to see what my Mr.comes up with each time he picks up a brush or sets out to paint.

1.  Simon Says Art ~ "Simon says " paint a trinagle...."Simon Says" paint a tree
 Simon Says Kids Art photo Simonsaysart.jpg

2. Take your easel outdoors (this is one of our favorite ways to paint)

 photo CAM01776.jpg

3.  Use a stencil 

 photo CAM01778.jpg 4.  Painting with bubbles we used Crayola colored bubbles here

 photo bubblepainting.jpg

4.  Painting with tape...I used tape to mark off a letter. Then he paints and when it drives we remove the  tape and are left with the letter.
Painting with tape photo IMG_8310.jpg

5.  Painting on Aluminum Foil ~ we love the way our masterpieces turn out on foil.
 photo aluminumfoil.jpg

6.  Apple Prints 
 photo applieprints.jpg

7. Painting Flowers with Forks
 photo IMG_8150.jpg

8.  Handprint Art ~
 photo IMG_8151.jpg

9.  Painting With Blocks 

 photo 100_0644.jpg

10. Painting with cars ~
 photo IMG_0786.jpg

Whatever you paint with just have fun !

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