Monday, April 8, 2013

What's Cooking This Week? Meal Plan Monday

What's cooking this week! Yum Yum!  Take a look over here for more ideas from our April Menu. Dad decided he wants steaks so we changed a few things around. Do you believe in the family meal? How often do you eat together in your family?

Menu Meal Plan Monday photo menu.jpg
  1. Grilled Steaks (mmm I love the grill) 
  2. skillet ground beef stew (new) over rice , biscuits
  3. BBQ pork roast/ french fries and garlic toast
  4. BBQ pork sandwiches/ baked beans and cold slaw
  5. Salisbury steak with mushroom gravy over rice , carrots, mac and cheese
  6. copy cat pizza hut pizzas
  7. taco salad
  8. Baked ziti

What's for breakfast this week? 

Strawberry Pancakes/ Cereal , scrambled eggs

What's for Lunch? 

Leftovers/ sub sandwiches and chips/ salad in a jar

What's for dessert? 

Jello Salad / Cookies

There you have it. This is what's going on our table this week.  Need more meal ideas? Visit our Meal Plan Pinterest board or our Menu page.  Thanks for joining us have a great week. We hope you cook up something tasty in your kitchen this week.