Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Look..You Know the One ~ Strong Moms Empower!

Strong Moms make the world go round. I wish I could tell you today I am the perfect mom. I am a mom who has made no mistakes. Boy would that be a whopper.  Wish I could tell you I've never judged another mom....but sadly I'm guilty like most of us probably are.Take the StrongMoms Empowerment Pledge
Just this afternoon we were out and about and I had a moment to reflect on this post.  You see we dress shopping and I had my four year old in tow. He had been a trooper dress shop after shop and really for the most part was very well behaved.  At this moment we were in Dillard's at the dressing him rooms and he was lying down in the floor outside of the dressing room. He wasn't raising a ruckus just lying waiting.  There was an older lady checking out and she shot me the look. You know the look the scowl on the face that lets you know she thinks your parenting is lacking "the look" . We've all experienced that moment that lets us know someone doesn't approve or someone doesn't agree with our parenting style. These moments can be hurtful.  In truth we're all just doing the best we can most days.

Take the StrongMoms Empowerment Pledge Instead of tearing each other apart of our choices let's choose to build each other up.  We never know all of someones story or why they have made the choices they have made.  Head on over to and take the StrongMoms® Empowerment pledge..

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