Sunday, April 14, 2013

Stop The Ants! Combat Ant Killing Bait Strips Review & Giveaway

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Every year around this time my home suddenly becomes a target.  A target for what you may ask? For ants they come up the drains , in the door cracks they are awful pesky invaders of my home. That's why I was quite happy when Combat provided me a sample of the New Combat Killing Bait Strips.

What happens with the ant baits? They do the job is what happens. Which  makes this Mama happy, because I really don't like them even a little bit.  Combat Killing Bait Strips contain food and water that the ants seek out.  The unique gel bait contains Fipronil a fast acting insecticide that begins killing with in hours.  Combat Killing Bait strips are designed to kill the nest and colony that you don't see.  Attacking the source of the problem so they don't keep coming back.

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What do you do with the baits? They are really easy to use. They come in small skinny strips.  You break them off, pull off the sticky backing and stick them in the area you are having a problem.  They are a discreet desgin, and you can stick them so little hands aren't grabbing them and toting them off. They don't leave a mess or any sticky residue behind (which is nice). Mom says YEAH to no mess, and easy! 

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WE LIKE That  the Ant Killing Bait Srips Are: 

  • Discreet desgin
  • Kills Fast
  • Easy To apply
  • Leaves NO Mess 
 photo 1a591460-f0ba-4283-b54f-6cc2bd777b17.jpg Do you need more help getting rid of those ants?  Here is a video clip from Combat with 5 great tips to help you with your Ant battle. Trust me I know it can be a war you against the pest.

You can Purchase Combat Killing Bat Strips in 5 count ant packs and 10 count roach packs at major retailers like Walmart, Target, Family Dollar, Dollar General, Home Depot and Publix.

Not only does Combat have this cool new product. They also have the Combat $1000 Sweepstakes.  April through June Combat band is hosting an online sweepstakes where entrants can learn more about Combat Killing Bait Strips and become eligible to WIN one of three $250 Visa gift cards or one $1,000 grand prize Visa Gift Card.  Readers can enter at Here  ! 

WIN ~ The Combat Brand will be providing 1 contest winner with their choice of either Ant or Roach Killing Bait Strips. Just fill out the entry form below . Good Luck!

disclosure:  Combat Brand Provided me with a sample of Combat Killing Bait Strips in exchange for a product review.  All opinions expressed are my own.