Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Positive Dog Training With The Pawsitive Packleader

Have you ever considered obedience classes for your pup? When I heard about this sponsored offer I was really excited to share our experiences with you.   The Pawsitive Packleader offers positive dog training in the greater Seattle Metropolitan Area.   We are not located in that area, but we did attend both positive reinforcement dog obedience training and a tricks classes . I wanted to tell you more about those.  

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When we got Ripley (our yellow lab) I knew right a way I would want to take him to obedience classes. He would be a  large dog and I wanted to be sure he would behave.  We began with an obedience 1 class. It was a class that you attended (they didn't come to us).  Both my daughter and I went and learned the basic commands and how to reward him when he did correctly respond. We used a click and reward method and it didn't take him long to respond.  

What were some of the things we learned? The basics sit, roll over, go to your mat and stay, stay, heal . It's amazing how quickly your animal learns.   We were also around other dogs during this class and went through learning socialization which was very interesting. That part was a little scary for me, because I’m not big on other peoples dogs.  But it went well and we learned a lot about being out in public places with him and walking him . The sit command is my most used command and go lay on your mat.  When you have a 110 pound dog running at you and tell him to sit and he stops and does as told well that’s simply AWESOME!  We were such proud dog parents when he graduated from obedience school.

We went back a little later for a tricks class which was also so much fun. My daughter particularly loved this class which was solely for fun.  Our favorite trick was “Are you scared” this trick she would ask Ripley, “Are you scared” and he would respond like he was. Some of the tricks other dogs could do were so cool one of our fellow classmates pup skateboarded.

 Both classes were great experiences for our family and pup.  I would have no problem repeating the classes just for fun and if we ever get another dog they’d definitely be enrolled.  

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.