Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mouse Trap Powered Car

The make a car with a single mousetrap that goes 15 feet.  We all gave it some serious thought . Then of course we hopped on Google and looked up what the experts recommended.  We decided to use old records for our wheels.  After a trip to the Good Will to pick up a few we were ready to begin the project.


mouse trap car model 1 photo mousecar.jpg

We toyed with this model for a bit and decided it just was not going to work. We downsized and went with CDS for the wheels. A little more tinkering and we seriously hoped we had the design down.

Model Car #2

mouse trap car model 2 photo mousecar2.jpg

What did we use?

  • 4 paint sticks
  • 4 CD's
  • 3 ink pens with the pen removed 
  • 1 mouse trap
Now the Test will it go 15 feet? 

It totally did she got an A. Yay!!