Friday, April 5, 2013

35 Things You Probably Did Not Know

 photo headshot.jpgAbout ME: 

  1. Today is my Birthday 
  2. I can't walk in heels..
  3. I'm a flip flop kind of girl most days
  4. Those sunglasses on top of my head I'll lose or misplace about 10 pair this summer. 
  5. I hate the county fair. 
  6. Get terrible motion sickness when anything ...moves .
  7. Love to travel but have Never flown.
  8. Always wanted to live on a farm. 
  9. Scared of Snakes in the wild but think they are pretty cool at the Zoo. 
  10. LOVE polar bears and gorillas. 
  11. Always wanted a Scottish Terrier. 
  12. No more kiddos for me happy with our 3.
  13. Loves to take pictures and Hates to have my picture taken! 
  14. Gets Terrible Migraines
  15. Finding a new love for running (even though I totally am awful at it and have been slacking ever since I got sick) 
  16. Doesn't like to drive over bridges.
  17. Really wants to go to Lego Land this summer. 
  18. Has a thing for vampires and werewolves and all things Paranormal (Okay you probably somewhat aware of that. )
  19. Young and The Restless, and General Hospital never miss them thank goodness for DVR. 
  20. Anything Chocolate , Yes please!
  21. Key Lime Pie is my favorite.
  22. Diet Coke kind of gal.
  23. Orange and Turquoise those are my favorites. 
  24. LOVES to watch my Yellow Lab Swim
  25. My house needs painting desperately.
  26. Wants to go to Scotland one day. 
  27. Drives a minivan but thinks one day I'd like a truck. 
  28. Messy doesn't upset me most days. 
  29. Washes the laundry but hates folding it and putting it away. 
  30. I've been thinking about cutting my hair short and it has been Long for a really long time. #NewStyle? 
  31. Survived teaching a teenager to drive.
  32. Has a new house picked out if it would just go up for sale we'd move. 
  33. Grew up next door to both sets of grandparents. Wasn't I a lucky kid.
  34. Doesn't like the lake. 
  35. French Toast wins every time.    
There you have it 35 things you probably didn't know about me!  Until next time...Thanks for dropping in.

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