Monday, March 18, 2013

What's For Dinner?Join Us For Meal Plan Monday !

This is what's for dinner this week at our Zoo.  Lots of easy and family friendly meals happening . We have a full schedule of baseball and soccer and the Little Mr. is sick.  Sure hope he gets to feeling better or we'll be substituting some chicken soup and comfort foods somewhere on the menu.

 photo c418aa25-c3cb-4381-ac6d-bdb16d0121df.jpg

17. Beef Mac and Cheese/ Texas Toast/sliced cucumbers
18. Hamburgers/ Potato Salad/ Baked Beans
 19. Oven Chicken Fajitas
20. Pot Roast / mashed potatoes / veggie
21. Copycat Bennigan's Monte Cristo / French fries
22. Crock pot spaghetti / garlic bread
23. BBQ beef sandwiches
24. Breakfast

Yummy Mama's ready to eat! If you need the entire month visit our March menu or for even more ideas visit the Menu Page.  You can also head on over to Pinterest and visit our Meal Plan Board or browse around some of the others. We have some yummy food boards that will inspire you.

What's For Lunch? Chicken Noodle Soup/ Leftovers / Sub Sandwiches
What's For Breakfast?  Scrambled eggs/ French Toast Sticks

What's For Dessert?  Easter Cupcakes / Jello Salad

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