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The Chronicles of Trellah Book 1: The Perpetual Rain #Review

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What I Thought:

T.S. Graham takes you beyond this world into a whole new dimension. First, Mr.Murray never returns home from a fishing trip and is presumed dead.  Then Sophina wakes to her baby brother Elliot being led from their home by a monster.  She can't stop them from going but she knows she must do everything in her power to bring her brother home safely.  This thirteen year old girl is courageous and brave and is fighting with every breath to reunite her family.

Sophina and her family live in the town of Thomasville where they are experiencing odd weather patterns.  When Elliot is abducted two other children are also taken and the town is in  panic.  What could be causing this  madness and who has these peoples children?  The Who is a shocker and one that the normal mind just can't comprehend.

T.S.Graham takes you into a world of fantasy. A world where creatures exist beyond ones imagination.  Some creatures help along the way while others you had better be running from. The plot is vivid with a lot of detail.  The story is full of action. I admire Sophina for doing whatever it takes to save the ones she loves.

The Chronicles of Trellah is both different and entertaining. Definitely written for young adults. They will be drawn into a fantasy and captured by a bit of a mystery.  Several lessons are highlighted ; forgiveness, family, trust .  If you enjoy reading Indie books pick up Chronicles of Trellah Perpetual Rain.

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disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of Chronicles of Trellah for reviewing purposes. All opinions expressed are my own.

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