Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sitting On The Side Lines #Preschool Sports

When K was 4 he could not wait to play ball. He was ecstatic , and always outgoing and competitive. Of course we were excited to put him into t-ball and everything else that followed. He stepped onto a baseball field at 4 and has not stepped off yet . He is now in high school. Ball and sports are his love.

C is now 4 and not as enthusiastic.  Do not get me wrong he loves to play t-ball, soccer you name it. He's more into the contact sports than K ever was , football, wrestling all that boy stuff.  However, he is much more timid and shy than K. He doesn't warm up to people quickly it takes a while .  We thought soccer would be GREAT for him (well his Mama did anyway).  He is always kicking the ball away and begging me to play soccer with him.  I asked him would he like to play on a team like his big brother and he said "Yes" so I signed him up.  =)

When we bought his cleats and shin guards he was so excited and rubbing his hands together.  When we got to the soccer field he ran out and kicked the ball.  I thought "yes I was right" and then the Coach and other kids began arriving and he made a beeline for me.  Second thoughts he has had.  Timid and shy is not even the words to describe the little boy hiding behind mom.   Everyone has  been great and encouraging however he has major anxiety and doesn't want to take the field. I haven't made him go out there so far he is quite happy to sit on the sidelines and cheer on his teammates. Thank goodness we have another week or two of practices before the first big game.

I am hoping he will warm up to it and be the Soccer Star I know he can be.  I know a big part of his issue is separation anxiety , even though he attends preschool and plays it is something we have struggled with for a while now. Maybe he simply is not ready?  For now we'll keep cheering from the sidelines and see what happens. 

Do you have a preschooler in sports or a timid athlete? How did you encourage them to step out of their comfort box and play? 

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