Thursday, March 14, 2013

Rice Rainbow #Preschool Craft

 photo RiceRainbow2.jpgIt's the month for rainbows.  If you've been following us you caught our Rainbow Sensory Play earlier in the week.

What We needed: 

Rainbow Rice In Each Color (See Rainbow Sensory for easy Rainbow Rice Directions)
Paper Plates
Elmer's Glue

What We Did: 

I cut the plates into a rainbow shape (see above).   I kept each plate separate and gave to Mr.Man one at a time so we'd have no color mixing.  If you've seen some of our past projects he can get crazy with the paint and has a mind to do it his way. 

I let him squirt the glue and sprinkle the rice.  He really likes playing with the rice so he enjoyed it.  We talked about the colors as we did each plate. 

Then after he completed each one I glued them together to make our rainbow.  We've been reading all about rainbows and talking about colors.  We love What Makes A Rainbow by Betty Ann Schwartz. 

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