Tuesday, March 5, 2013

RePurposed Water Bottle Flowers Craft

repurposed water bottle flowers craft

I love love crafting and these little flowers are so easy and fun.  C. had a great time painting them up and putting them in my garden. I did all of the cutting of course!

What you need:

  • water bottles or 2 liter bottles (I Used both above. The smaller are water bottles the larger 2 liter bottles and the great thing is any size will do.) So mix them up! 
  • Elmer's paint markers (If you haven't seen these they are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Well if you love to craft anyways. )
  • dowel stick , regular stick 
  • hot glue gun 
  • scissors
1. Rinse out your bottles
2. Cut your bottles in half leaving the bottom half for another project or you can stick your flower down into it for a holder. Our flowers are going into the garden so I am saving the bottom for a different project. 
3.  Cut strips going towards the lid of your bottle for your flower petals You should have about 8. 
Repruposed Water Bottle Craft photo IMG_7983.jpg
4. Now they are ready to decorate. I let C. handle this part. I uncapped the Elmer's paint markers and let him do his thing!
Elmer's Paint Markers

5.  Then I hot glued the dowel sticks to the underside of the bottle caps so that they will stick into the ground.

 photo ab1bf609-faaf-4d83-8f96-88f75fb15d00.jpg
Looking for more water bottle flowers?  Visit Crafts by Amanda and Chrissy's Crafts  .  I was totally inspired by their flowers to make my own.


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