Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Rainbow Rice Sensory Play

 photo rainbowricesensoryplay.jpg

I love this rice almost as much as C. Look at the pretty colors . I either caught him at just the right time with this or he really liked the feel of the rice.  He played and played.

So what did we do?  I colored the rice before hand.  It was actually for a craft project I'll be sharing later on but I made extra for my guy.

Here Is What We Used: 

  • alcohol
  • zi plock bags
  • rice
  • basic pack of food coloring (red,blue,green, yellow)

What We Did: 

Put rice in Zip lock bag, then add 2-3 drops of alcohol and food coloring.  I had the zip lock bags that zipped and I sealed them up then shook.  Did this for each color and then I left them sitting on the counter for a few days. We just didn't get around to messing with them.  When I pulled them out for the craft the rice was dried out and ready to play with.  We did our activity and then I dumped it into a plastic container and gave C. some toys. 

Not to keen on the idea of alcohol?  Head on over to Madame Deals and check out her Frugal Kids St.Patrick's Day Rainbow Rice . She gives you an easy alternative that I will definitely be giving a try. 

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