Friday, March 29, 2013

Getting Back Into Your Workout After Being Sick

Okay I've told you before I am a newbie to running.   Well I wouldn't say I quite get running but I have been attempting to get better at it and working towards some fitness goal with my workout buddy Jamie.  It's great to have a friend cheer you on and keep you going let me tell you. There are so many days I would NOT even do it.   If she did knock on the door and call and say are you ready to go workout.  So, thankful for the cheerleader she is!  Hopefully, I'm a bit of the same for her to =)

I wanted to share the Reebok  Fitness App with you today. It's FREE so why not try it?  Choose your favorite activities and Reebok will customize a program for you. A huge part of my problem is getting bored. Even though I may not be ready to advance to the next harder stage I get tired of the same routine over and over.  Right now I'm recovering from the flu and being cooped up and looking forward to getting back into the workout groove.  I know I'm not going to be able to start right back where I left off though. Which is a bit of a bummer but hey a girls got to do what she's got to do.

 With the Fitness App you can get workout reminders (which I need), tips and tricks from pros and keep your routine new and fresh. Give it a try I am!

With all of this talk about exercising Mama thinks she could really use some new running shoes and cute workout clothes. Wouldn't that be motivating?   Classic Reebok Shoes & Apparel has some great styles for the family maybe Mama will get her wish?  She has a Birthday around the corner (hint hint ).

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