Thursday, March 21, 2013

Eggcelent Easter Crafts For Kids

 Easter projects we have tested and tried ourselves. They are easy, budget and kid friendly.  We love all of the cute crafts Easter inspires.  Don't you?

Easter Craft Round UP photo Eastercrafts2.jpg

Have you tried any of these or have an Eater craft of your own?  We want to hear about them so leave us a comment!

  silktiedyedeggs photo 546314_329039687156407_1827657608_n.jpg 1.  Silk Tie Eggs are some of my favorite.  You wrap a silk tie around the egg before boiling and let boil with the tie on it.  Let it cool and remove your egg will take on the pattern of the tie.

Milk Jug Easter Basket photo Easter.jpg2.  Milk Jug Easter Bunny super easy to make cut out the top of your milk jug.  We used pipe cleaners , a bottle cap, one pair of crazy eye balls. Then for the ears we cut them out with pink and yellow craft foam and glued everything on.

3.  Diver Eggs ~ These are so fun and different. Inspired by Family Fun.   Find out how to make diver eggs here.

Scuba Diver Easter Eggs photo IMG_0815.jpg

4.  Melted Crayon Eggs - These are so fun and cool. One of my favorites. Boil you eggs then decorate with crayons . The wax melts as you draw on them.

 photo e42d5654-5dd1-46af-be85-252eaf34979b.jpg

5.  Paper Plate Chicks - These are cute and so easy. All you need is some yellow paint, a dab of orange, paper plate and pipe cleaners. . Oh and don't forget a cute little painter!

Paper Plate Easter Chick photo IMG_0384.jpg

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