Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Cloud Dough Preschool Sensory Play

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We finally got around to trying Cloud Dough!  I have to tell you I'm probably a bigger fan than the kiddos.  We loved the texture and the smell.  I found the recipe for Cloud Dough over at Happy Hooligans one of my favorite blogs for fun and creative ideas for C.

The really extra great thing besides the preschooler loving it is that it only takes 2 ingredients and is very simple to mix up.   We used more oil than what Happy Hooligans did I'm not sure why maybe I just didn't mix it well enough? But I used the entire bottle of oil to 1 bag of flour  =)  and it turned out fine.

I added it to our sand and water table when we were through playing and that turned into a gross science experiment.  Apparently, you should not leave such in your table. OOPS!  But it's Okay now we have an excuse to mix up some more of this great stuff.

C just loved making snowmen.  We're in Florida so he was pretty excited he kept saying "snow" .  I'm not sure why he thought it was snow maybe the color but I did go get him a hat and things to create his snowman. He was so happy !

I really want to make up a batch of colored cloud dough. You just add in food coloring.

I'm thinking some new sand toys would make it an extra fun time! We could use a few.

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