Friday, March 8, 2013

Best In Class @Shutterfly Yearbooks and a Giveaway

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Yearbooks can be pricey. I have two high school year books to pay for this year at a nice price of $85 each.  Can you here me saying Ouch.  It makes you wonder why schools can't look for more budget friendly options. Shutterfly Yearbooks has a brand new style Best In Class.  These yearbooks are very budget friendly and have a classy style that both parents and children can appreciate.

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This year is C's first year in Preschool and I'd love for him to get one of these books at the end of the school year.   I can just imagine how these children are going to change from now to when they are in high school as a junior or senior. Let me tell you as a Mom of 3 time flies.  Preserving your children's memories is quite important.

  • Easy to make 
  • Affordable prices (as low as $6 each)
  • Made to Last
  • Flexible Orders
  • Fast Delivery
Need some yearbook tips and tricks to help you with your design.  Shutterfly has all kinds of help to make creating a yearbook easier on you.  You can find shortcuts and ideas, a yearbook photo list and even a schedule to keep you on top of your task at hand. 
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Order your yearbook 

WIN~ one of you will win a  8x8 – 20 page hardcover photo book plus US standard shipping promo code (code expires 4/31/2013 so you must use it). Just fill out the easy entry form below. Good Luck! 
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disclosure:  This post is sponsored by Shutterfly. 

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