Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine Crafts and Ideas Round Up

ValentineIdeasValentine's Day is this week. I can't believe it.  If I made all of the Valentine ideas I have pinned I'd be creating Valentine's for months.  There are some cute ones out there!  We've had creating, crafting and exploring with this holiday.  Here are a few more Valentine ideas for all of you.

Water Color Coffee Filter Hearts

water color coffee filter heart ValentinesWater Color Coffee filter hearts.  We had so much fun doing these.   For my water color I just mixed a dab of cake icing coloring with water.  It worked great we'll definitely be doing that again.  Mama needs to buy some more supplies we were pretty limited with our color options.  C chose blue and orange and since we're GATOR Fans Go GATORS I thought that was perfect.

Here's what to do~ take a coffe filter and drop drips of water from your paintbrush onto them. They run and look very pretty. After they dried I cut out the hearts and added the wording.  These Valentines are ready to go.

Salt Painting

Next, up painting with salt.  Just draw  whatever it is you'd like to pain in this case a heart in Elmer's glue.  Then sprinkle your salt on it.  Give it a second to set up then shake off excess salt.

painting with salt and preschoolersNow take your paintbrush and let them drip water color paint on to your project.

salt painting preschool craftI love the way the colors run onto the salt. I can't wait for us to try some different projects with this method of painting. It took C. a little bit with it though. He kept wanting to jab his paintbrush down hard smashing the bristles in and it would smudge off the salt. He did finally get the hang of it though.

salt painting valentineOur orange and blue hearts!  We used the same water color I had mixed up for the coffee filter project above.  So same colors!

Water Bottle Valentines

Did you know there are all kinds of things you can mail inexpensively.  Kids love getting mail. It's like this huge surprise when they have something in the mailbox.  Here are a few things we discovered you can pop some stamps on and send a kid they'll love. 

Water Bottle Valentine
  • water bottles
  • flipflops
  • frisbee
  • Easter eggs (you know the plastic ones)
  • A bouncy ball
  • A CD of mixed songs (FUN)
Just make sure everything is clearly labeled and under 13 ounces.  

With this in mind and inspired by Madame Deals water bottle Valentines we made one to send to Miss E.  
C really liked it so I'm going to have to totally send him one more age appropriate soon.  

Our water bottle had skittles and conversation hearts, a sucker, a couple of balloons, airheads, a pencil , a paper airplane . Our bottle was full of goodies.  I then hot glued the lid on and took it off to the Post Office.  Shipping was $2. I can't wait to hear how surprised she was.

Mustache and Lip Lollipop Valentines

Mustache and Lips lollipop ValentinesThese are super easy you just need craft foam , lollipops and a hole puncher. I found these on Pinterest of course and had to check them out which let me to Blonde-Designs Blog. The coolest thing is there is a printable pattern for the mustache and lips and little labels too.  We made these for C's preschool class. I'm hoping to get some cute photos of them all with their lips and mustaches but we'll see. Kids are the funniest.

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