Monday, February 25, 2013

Overnights with The Bachelor Sean Lowe


Lots of reflection from Sean tonight .  Now on to some good stuff.

Lindsey and Sean ~ 

Exploring Thailand.  At the market just hanging out .  Lindsey says she will not eat a bug and then guess what....she eats the bug. Um I'm gonna gag here.  Then y'all she eats another bug.  Now that must be love. I'm thinking if J asked me to eat a bug I'd be telling him to get on with himself.  

Hanging out on Monkey Beach how cool is that!  Might be adding that one to the bucket list girls.

She is trying to get the courage to tell him she loves him and all of a sudden dancers come out from everywhere. They were cool but she didn't tell him.  Then he gives her the fantasy suite card.  And she accepts. She told him she loves him. Now will he be breaking her heart ?

AshLee and Sean~

AshLee says Sean is her true love.   He takes her to Emerald Cave which they have to swim through to get to a private beach.   Now what would have been cool is if some big scary critter would come up on them and scare the mess out of them come on ABC.  Instead they turn the corner and f ind the beach.  Which is gorgeous. 

He gives her the fantasy suite card and she looks antsy.  He says let me tell you what my intentions are. I just want to talk all night with you.  She says you know my boundary , I know yours so yes.

Catherine and Sean~

They are going sailing So Cool!  Thy chat (some of it pretty deep) , flip into the water  , hold hands and snorkel.  Lots of smooching .  Sean says he feels like Catherine gets him better than anyone else. Traditional Values and all Catherine excepts the fantasy suite card.

Maybe the best part of the show we got  to see some of  Disney's Oz  The Great and Powerful !  #DisneyOz hits theaters March 8th.

Sean said he woke up and knew who he needed to send home.  Then he meets up with Chris Harrison.  Then Chris tells him each woman has left him with a private personal message.

I have to say I was really skeptical of Lindsey in the beginning but now she's my favorite.  All three pretty much share their hearts in the videos , tell him they love him , can see their lives together. AshLee cries in hers and says because of him "She is no longer broken."

images Rose Time

Lindsey and ....

Going home is AshLee and she looked like she was about to explode.  She looked at him and said just stay here. He asks her to let him explain.   He tells her that he thinks the world of her, he did not want to hurt her, their relationship was intense , he thought it was her and she gets into the mini van without saying a word.  

Favorite Tweets: 

Next week ~ Girls tell all.
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