Friday, February 8, 2013

Melted Crayon Valentines "You Melt My Heart"

 photo MeltedCrayonValentines.jpg

You Melt My Heart "Valentine's Day Activity for Kids "

This little Valentine's Day kids craft project was so much fun.  First, we drew some hearts out on card stock with a thick black marker.  Then picked out some crayons and taped them above the hearts.  Broke out the hair dryer and heated up watching them melt, run and any other time you'd say make a mess.  When we were all through making that mess we turned off the hair dryer and cut out the hearts.

I love the way they look.  All swirly and colorful.

Melted Heart Valentine photo CAM01378.jpg

Then I wrote on the back of them "You Melt My Heart". 

Do you have a diy Valentine project or art project for me to try? Leave me a link in the comments. 

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