Thursday, February 7, 2013

Load Your Income Tax Return On To A Visa Prepaid Card And WIN !

 Did you know you can load your 2012 Income Tax Return onto a Visa Prepaid card?  I'm sure many of you will ask yourself why would I do that?  I know I did.  There are several benefits to using a Visa Prepaid versus cash.  Plus Visa is giving away some amazing prizes if you do.  

Sometimes, you are in a hurry for your money. Something has broken, an unplanned expense, catching back up after Christmas; we all have different reasons we need that money.  If you load your tax return onto a Visa Prepaid card it is faster with no check to cash and you'll get your refund quicker than the mail.  I like to use a Visa Prepaid card when traveling.   It's also safer than cash and replaced if your card is damaged, lost, or stolen.  A Visa Prepaid card can be used for online bill paying or paying by phone. There are many benefits to having a Visa Prepaid card.  
Watch this video and learn more about loading your tax refund on a prepaid Visa card. 
You can also visit the Visa Prepaid You Tube Channel .  

In addition to the benefits of loading your tax return onto a Visa Prepaid card, there are also great prizes! When you load your 2012 tax return onto a participating, eligible Visa Prepaid card between January 1, and April 15, 2013 you can enter to win groceries for your family for one year, valued at $12,000. I don’t know about you guys but this gal thinks that would be amazing to win.  That's not all! When you use your Visa Prepaid card, you will be eligible to Win 1 of 10 $150 Visa gift cards given away weekly. 
To Enter to Win and get an eligible participating card, visit


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