Monday, February 4, 2013

February Monthly Menu! Join Us For #MealPlanMonday !

Time for a new months menu. Where did January go?  I'm not sure I'm ready for February to be here but I do know I'm ready for some new yummy recipes on my menu.  I get so tired of the same old foods. Don't you?  Now if I could just get my husband to like trying new things better.  I promise you the man would eat 4 foods over and over again make, eat then repeat if I'd let him.


February 2013 Menu 

1.  Hamburger gravy over rice, green beans, garlic buns
2.  Pizza
3. Super Bowl Snacks
4.  Key West Grilled chicken Sandwiches / tomato cucumber salad / chips *NEW
5.  Pot roast/mashed potatoes/ dinner rolls
7.  Spaghetti
8.  Steak And Shake Frisco Melts / Oven french fries/ fruit cup NEW
9. Baked Ziti  use  Leftovers  2/7 / garlic bread
10.  Crock Pot chicken and dumplings / mac and cheese / green beans
11/  Fried pork chops/  green beans / Rice&Gravy
12. Fajitas  make enough for leftovers
13.  Crock Pot Ribs/ Oven Fries
14.   Chicken fajita melts
15.   Beef Stew Over Rice /slice tomatoes
16.  Salisbury Steak over LO rice from 2/15 /mac and cheese
17. Cheesy chicken and rice / broccoli / rolls
18.  Meatloaf/ rice and tomatoes/ corn
19.  Taco Salads
20.  Chicken Lo Mein (sandwiches for the boys)
21.  Crock Pot Steak Burritos
22.   Leftovers
23.  No Peek Beef Tips / Broccoli/ Wheat Rolls
24.  No Boil Freezer Manicotti Make Extra and Freeze / garlic toast
25.  Cheeseburger Soup / Sub Sandwiches
26.  Best Burgers/ Pasta Salad
27.  BLT's / tomato soup
28. Crock pot Taco Pork Chops / Corn on the cob/ baked potatoes


Kool-Aid Cupcakes
Key Lime Cake
Pea Picking Cake

Want to see what was on our table last year this time? Here's our February 2012 Menu.

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