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Bachelor Recap Tierra The Terrorist Strikes Again


Part 2 Of the Two Day Bachelor Event


Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise is beautiful. What a view these ladies have.  

Date Card 1 Catherine Let's find our fairy tale ending.  

Oh boy does it look cold where Catherine is standing. Then Sean pulls up in a snow bus and says lets go play on a glacier.  Jasper National Park ...they are sledding,  flipping , just playing in the cold.  Then they have a hot chocolate break.Catherine says I haven't had hot chocolate since I was like 4 years old.  Umm Really?

 They begin the fairy tale in a horse drawn carriage.  Then they pull up to an ice castle (way cool).  They are full of giggles and Sean says it just clicks with her.

Catherine tells him she wants to know her more serious side too.  She tells about a tragedy she experience at 12 years old.  Cuddles and chats and he pulls out the rose..and she tells him heck no! Just kidding Catherine gets a rose.

Group Date:  

Tierra , Sarah, Lindsay, Selma, Lesley, AshLee, Daniella Let's Bare Our Souls.

Alright now what would you girls think that date was all about. Bet you wouldn't guess the Polar Bear Plunge.  Here's A play by play for you.  First , I have to say if he says jump off a bridge I'll give you a rose how many girls do you think would jump?  I'd be like nah that's OK I'll hold the camera =)

  • Daniella is the one in the group who really hasn't seen alone time with Sean yet.  She's pretty upset about it.  She does play along and take the Polar Plunge . 
  • AshLee runs ahead and snags a hug when she first sees Sean.  She was a wee bit annoying at the Polar Plunge. She was like I don't want to do it but I 'll do it for Sean.  
  • Lesley jumps in Sean's canoe and she has his hand when they take the plunge.  Later on in the evening she gets some alone time and a kiss.  
  • Selma says no thanks and doesn't do the cold water dive . Good for you girlfriend.  Although, I bet you just signed your walking papers. 
  • Lindsay was the only one jumping up and down loving this date.  Later on in the evening Lindsay steals Sean away from Tierra ! 
  • Tierra we could write a whole post on Terrible Tierra.  All of us at home see how fake she is. All of the girls see what a phony. So what's up with Sean.  Fooled by needy with a dash of crazy?  Tierra makes a mad dash for Lake Louise and jumps right in.  Everyone else is in and out but not Tierra. She gets out grabbing her chest, stating she can't breathe and is whisked away by the paramedics for possible hypothermia. WHAT!  Now why is she the only one who had an issue.  We say yes she was cold but saw a way to play her cards and milk it yet again for all that it was worth. If there's any more milking the girls should let Tierra take it she has the act down to a T. Back at the hotel Sean checks on her and finds Terrible T. In bed hooked to her oxygen tank.  Now just a few seconds before we here at home see her scarfing down a sub sandwich . He ends up in her bed and she ends up with a kiss. Then...he tells her to stay in tonight get some rest and he heads to meet up with the other 6 girls.  Of course Tierra just couldn't do that my friends.  She showed up to the date and stole Sean away yet again. 
  • Sarah - Sarah was a little iffy about the Poloar Plunge but she did it and we're all so proud of her here at home.  She's done so many difficult things like canoing across a lake with just 1 arm.  She pulls out a bunch of family photos to share with Sean and talks about her family. Sean comes back later in the evening and tells Sarah he just isn't feelint it.  She goes home.  I think all of our hearts  broke a little bit for her tonight 

  Lesley gets the rose.  Tierra was not a happy camper.

Date #3

Desiree Don't be Scared to fall in love.  Now if I had my pick Desiree would be the leading lady.  Of course I'm me not Sean.

The Date:
They repel down  Tunnel Mountain.
Share a picnic.
Climb a tree.
And get all cozy by a fire in a teepee.
The teepee time was so darn good if I got my choice it would still be Sean and Desiree! Desiree gets a rose.

Cocktail Party

  • Selma - Selma's is a funny one. Selmas talking about Tierra where she says,  "Let's be honest your going to wife that?  Selma gives Sean a kiss. After she's said no kissing."  She tells us that act will shame her family but sometimes you gotta bring out the big guns. 
Selma gives Sean a kiss.  She says it is a shame to her family but she had to pull out the big guns.  

*Lindsay tells him no kissing they're going to make the most of their time.  She wants to chat.  Tell me something I don't know about you "I sleep naked." she says.  
AshLee- she gives him a blindfold  shes giving him control of what to do with the relationship.  He takes her on a little walk and then they kiss.  



  • Lindsay
  • AshLee
  • Tierra 
Going Home: Daniella and Selma 

Heading to St.Croix and the US Virgin Islands 

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