Monday, February 11, 2013

Bachelor Drama St.Croix

ABC's The Bachelor

First Date 

AshLee ...they are off to a private island. Nice!   They're laying on a beach and he ask her about Tierra.  Ashlee dishes it out there for him.

Sean asks is there anything else..poor AshLee she hated to have to tell him that she got married when she was 17 a Junior in high school and broke up by her senior year.  From teenage divorce to  yelling to the world she loves Sean. Oh my!

Second Date Tierra Time

Tierra didn't even act excited she wanted to complain about the date.   This girl (me) would love a hot guy to walk her around St. Croix just saying.  He bought her a bracelet and all of us at home kind of gagged.

"If you could do it again differently with the girls would you." Sean asked?
 "These girls aren't going to be around much longer" was his answer. #NiceGirl

Tierra tells him she feels like he is being distant. He told her it is the girl drama.  Tierra sounds so fake I am falling in love with you.  Ugh He thinks she's genuine. Come one Sean we all thought you were smarter than this!

I can't control my eyebrow #1 quote of the night.  Twitter nation had a ball with that one .

Date #3 Catherine, Desiree, Lindsay 

Sean is brave he wakes these three ladies up with a camera in the face.  He wanted to see what they looked like without make up.  He was pleasantly surprised.   A beautiful sunrise definitely a good way to start your day. Worth the nasty wake up Sean.  You won't see these three complaining about the date. Road trip Yeah!  Desiree and Sean at the Tree house <3   This is the coolest date! Finally we love this date #Bachelor!

Catherine has a lot of terrible things happen last week the tree this week her daddy issues.  She seems real though.

Sean picks up that oh so coveted rose and says, "I think the world of each one of you.  Someone who hasn't wavered a bit ..." Lindsay got the rose.  Wouldn't they have a fun story to tell if they ended up together though. Your mom wore a wedding dress to our first date .

Last Date Lesley

Chill day , explore, pick some fruit  She tells him she sees him fitting in perfectly with her family.  Awkward/Forced this date just didn't have a firework in sight Picking avocados and not much else happening.  We liked Lesley she seems real she just doesn't want to have a broken heart but girl your on the Bachelor.

Shay The Sis is Here! 

Hearts get broken they'll get over it.   She tells him don't pick "That one".   
Shay , "What was the only piece of advice I gave you"
Sean, "Don't pick the girl no one in the house likes"
Sounds like a smart woman to me!

Shay blogs over at Mix and Match Mama just in case y'all didn't know this.  

Next best quote from AshLee  " Let's get nitty gritty honey."

Time for the Tierra show and lots of waterworks.  

WooHoo Finally Our Boy sends Tierra home. Finally! and we got more of the ugly fake girl cry.

Cocktail Party or No Cocktail Party

The girls are wondering what's up with Tierra and here comes Sean.  He's not looking for Drama in a partner.  He also says he has clarity on what he needs to do tonight. So, there is not going to be party tonight. 

images  Rose Time


Going Home: Lesley .:(

Next week hometown dates and Did Desiree's brother and Sean get into it? Kind of looked that way on the preview.  

Tweets that made me laugh tonight!

Seriously the funny tweets are one of the best parts of watching Bachelor.

Have a great week and we'll see y'all back for the hometown dates.
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