Monday, February 18, 2013

Bachelor #8 Meeting The Families


Date 1: Houston, AshLee

AshLee's busy comparing Sean to her Dad.  Telling the parents all about it.  She tells the parents there was a lot of romance in St.Croix.  Ha. Sean tells her mom " No mam I'm not going to break her heart or I'm going to try not too" . Um Sean ?  AshLee's dad gets teary on us.  And that's pretty much that date. AshLee thinks he's made for her blahblahblah.

Date 2 :  Seattle , Catherine 

Pike Place Market ~ Is that fish like catching a football?    Sean doesn't miss but he turns the table on Catherine and she drops the fish.  But catches the next one.  Photo booth silliness, lots of giggles and playing around.  Really is this all there is to see in Seattle?  Not impressed with the gum wall YuckO.

Catherine tells Sean to put Grandmas hand on his head when they meet. We're all sitting her at home hoping it's a prank.  Okay so no prank there. Bummer.

The  Family -   Skeptical they sure are!

  The sisters don't seem so convinced he's the one for Catherine. Sean, "Do you think she's ready to settle down"? Sisters pretty much did everything but give him a straight up answer there.     She's messy, she's moody, boy I'm glad there not chatting up my man

 Catherine's mom "will it work don't know".  "Don't lead her on".  Sean, "Can I have your blessing?  Catherine's Mom,  "Will see what happens " .

Date 3 Lindsay The Best Date! 

Just walking around her small town just like real life.  What should I call your Dad?  Mr. or General?  Lindsay says avoid it . Next she gets him army ready. Give me 20 push ups nice form no sass. Go Lindsay!   They're being super cute and fun!  Now let's go meet that scary daddy.

We're all cracking up Sean is scared of the General as it should be.  Sean tells Mama that he won't say the L word until he means it.  The General don't hurt my baby.  Sean for the third time can I have your blessing?  Her dad does give it as long as Lindsay says yes.  The General was a very nice guy and her family was so far the best date all night.  Can totally see them together now.


Let us go on a hike and just be fun.  They make some dinner for her parents.  OMG some guy shows up and professes his love for her.  Sean and him are about to fight and then Desiree is like now that he is here I do need to tell you something. Hah Desiree totally pranked Sean as payback for that art gallery incident.   

Desiree's brother is awful.  He calls Sean a playboy. This is the most awful hometown date. Nathan is like he is not the one Des he is not the one .  Well , Nathan  not now that he wants no part of you!  You all know I was a big Desiree fan but that was one of the worst hometown dates I've ever seen. 

Cocktail Party 

Chatting with Chris Harrison ~ Des is on the chopping  block I don't like her brother.  Catherine is on the chopping block because I'm not sure if our lives line up.

images Rose Time  

Desiree stops him and ask can they talk. She apologizes for the rude brother.
  • AshLee
  • Lindsay 
Last rose and he sets it down and leaves the room.  

  • Catherine
Going home: Desiree :(  they share a very sad goodbye and that's that for tonight.

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