Friday, February 22, 2013

5 Recipes For You To Try Dinner And Dessert

recipe roundup

Every now and  again you get to work with a fun group of people.  This week I've had the chance to work with a great team of bloggers.  Guess what ? They all shared some recipes for us to try.  And even shared tips to make them Gluten Free.  

Vegan Gluten Free  Date Bars
Colleen at My Vegan Gluten Free Life is sharing a favorite family recipe that she has converted for Vegan Gluten Free diets. Check out her recipe for Vegan Gluten Free Date Bars.

Pan Fried Talapia Stefanie from Making of a Mom is sharing her ideas on eMeals and the recipe for Pan Fried Talapia. For my Vegan readers you could substitute gluten steaks for the fish and use the seasonings to fry up a delicious vegan steak. If you need a recipe for gluten steaks you can check my recipe for homemade gluten steaks.   crock pot chicken cacciatore Janell from Saving you Dinero has a great recipe for those of you who eat Gluten-Free. And it uses the crock pot which saves on time, money and your energy! Check out her recipe for Crock Pot Chicken Cacciatrore.
chicken stroganoff
  Cheryl from Sweeping the USA shares what she made for Valentines Day, an easy Chicken Stroganoff recipe. This recipe is easy and very inexpensive! This is great for Gluten Free meals..just make sure you serve it with GF noodles or rice.

 Then for dessert you can try one from me.  Living at the Whitehead's Zoo's fun  recipe! I just love the name of this recipe, Pea Picken Cake. It just sounds so you think we could alter it for Gluten-Free eating? And you'll just have to check out the recipe to see how those peas come in.
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