Wednesday, February 20, 2013

5 of my Favorite Authors It's Stalker Day!


We're here to talk about favorite authors today. Those that you just can't get enough of.  So let's chat.  Do you have a favorite author you stalk in the literary world ?  I have a few and it would be so hard to just pick one of them.   They are all fantastic and fun in their own special way.

With that said here are a few of my favorites I just can't settle on 1.

Belinda Boring her hot wolves are definitely swoon worthy and nothing boring at all.

Veronica Roth who has written one of my all time favorites . Divergent and Insurgent and I am so counting down the days for October when we can find out what happens next.

Stephanie Nelson this author can seriously give you some romance. I love the Anna Avery series.

Jamie Magee the Insight Series and See series are AMAZING.  I think Jamie Magee is just one talented author and am all of the time checking out the fun Insight facebook page.

Addison Moore I love the teasers and post she shares via facebook and good reads. Can't wait to read Elysian.  Addison Moore is definitely an author I just can't put down.

These are a handful of my very favorites. I guess I am not a stalker in the truest since but I do LOVE to keep up to date on what they are writing.  Plus I love to hear their thoughts about their own books and other book recommendations. An amazing group of ladies!