Monday, February 11, 2013

5 Delicious Ways To Use Your Leftover Pork

Leftovers You have left over pulled or BBQ pork what to do with it? When you are trying to save money on your grocery budget a great way to cut back and save is using them leftovers. If you have a picky family like mine they  many not be to keen on eating the same meal twice in one week. My husband will not touch leftovers.  However, if you make something new with the main ingredients it's not like leftovers anymore it is like an entirely new dinner.

1. Pork Wraps : take your pork put it in a tortilla shell , add mozzarella cheese and bake . This is a super fast meal and a great way to reuse them leftovers!

Pork Wrap Recipe

2. Use it in Brunswick Stew
    Brunswick Stew Recipe
    3.  Next Day Sandwiches on Toasted Bread 
    4.  Make Janey Baked Potatoes ~ Janey Potatoes are filled with meat, cheese and onions (you can leave off the onions if you don't like them) 
Janey Baked Potato recipe

5.  Make a BBQ pork salad

There you go 5 delicious ways to turn your ordinary leftover pork into an extraordinary new meal. Do you have a favorite meal you make from leftovers? Tell us about it!

Are you looking for more ways to use your leftovers?  Check out Madame Deals Presentable Leftovers post for a great way to use your leftover turkey. Yum!

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