Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wheel You Be My Valentine? Kids Valentine Mailbox Craft!

We're having all kinds of fun here at the Zoo crafting up Valentine's Fun!  We decided to make another Valentine mailbox this week.  It all began with bubble wrap and a box.  My kids love playing with bubble wrap even the older ones. The bubble wrap and painting make this such a fun Valentine's Day activity for kids. Plus I love the end result of this Valentine Craft Project.

Bubble Wrap PaintingSo I gave my four year old boy a box , a blob of red paint , and a piece of bubble wrap.  I personally like the side of the box (the top picture) where it is just dabbed on best.  He got a pretty all over cover going though and had fun doing it. Painting with the bubble wrap pretty much went like if using a sponge.  He just dabbed it up and down getting a different effect.

Then It was Moms turn.  I cut two holes in the top side of the box and added a piece of rope for a handle. You could also use ribbon or string.  Then I had some Washi road tape (we love the stuff) it can be purchased for around $3 a roll if you are in the US on Etsy.  We used four pieces of tape and did a pattern on the box (see photo) .  I took a black sharpie and cut out a rectangle to insert Valentines and I hot glued 2 matchbox cars from our toy pile onto the road.

ValentineMailboxI took my sharpie and put "Wheel You Be My Valentine" as you can see I do not have pretty handwriting =) I got the saying from these really super cute Valentine's "I Wheelie Like you" that also have cars from over at  Thirty Handmade Days . Love that blog!

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Have you been crafting leave us a link or tell us about it we'd love to see what your  up to!

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