Saturday, January 26, 2013

Synergy by Jamie Magee Book Review

Thanks for visiting us to catch my review of Jamie Magee's Synergy.  As you guys know i'm a huge fan of author Jamie Magee and think she is an amazing author. With that said Synergy was not one of my favorites from the series.  Read my Good Reads link below

Synergy (See, #3)Synergy by Jamie Magee
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Synergy is book #3 in the See series. Let me begin by saying I have read both the Insight and See series by Jamie Magee and loved them both. The characters and the series have merged together and the plots grab a hold and keep you reading page after page you just can't put them down.

Synergy however is the only book out of all that did not do that for me. I'm a bit disappointed (sorry Jamie). It felt an awfully like a repetition of Vindicate just through different characters perspectives. It's not bad I'm definitely not saying that but after reading Vindicate and then coming to this one it didn't leave a lot for you to imagine about. It was more a deeper insight into what was happening in Vindicate through the See characters eyes.

All of the characters Draven, Charli, Madison,Monroe, Aden, and Silas are as captivating as ever. You definitely get a deeper look into their past lives, feelings and emotions and how they are going to handle themselves.

One things for sure can't wait to see where Jamie Magee's imagination takes these stories next.

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