Friday, January 11, 2013

Snowman Hot Chocolate Treats


Miss Jamie made these for Miss E's Christmas classroom treat.  They are so simple and cute. We think they'd make a fun
chilly winter day surprise for Mr.C's preschool class.

What You Need: 

Craft Sticks
Craft foam or paper
Hot Chocolate
Zip Lock Bags

1. Place marshmallows and hot chocolate into zip lock bag
2. Paint your Craft sticks and let dry
3.  Cut your foam or paper into a black rectangle for the hat!
4. Once the craft sticks are dry glue  one across the bottom of your rectangle to make the hat band.
5.  Attach to the top of your zip lock bag. First fill your bag with hot chocolate mix , plastic spoon and mini marshmallows.
6. Add a red strip of foam or paper on front and you can add beads or other embellishments if you'd like.

Easy, Cute And Cheap!

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