Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sean Lowe's Drama Queens, Pranks & Love The #Bachelor

Photobucket Drama drama drama queens put them in a house together and what do you have?  Umm Drama.  

Who gets  my vote for the cutest and best date of the night? I vote Desiree.  Sean the prankster plays a trick on her and she handles it with ease and grace. A great personality she seems to have and Sean remarks more than once how at ease he is with her and how sweet she is.  He was happy to see she did have a sense of humor . The date ends in the hot tub with a kiss. Nice!

Katie LEFT!  She told Sean she just was not comfortable and he walked her to the car. As the rest of the house quietly cheered to themselves because that is one less chick they have to compete with.

Robyn pulls Sean aside and ask the race question.  Sean was the cutest when he answered saying it isn't how the girl looks but whats in her mind.  That boy could right a book for lines that make girls SWOON after this.

The group date contained 13 women and they get to pose and model to be on a Harlequin Romance Novel cover with our hottie.  Kacie B and Sean move from the friend zone to the girlfriend zone...We'll see. She doesn't seem to be clicking with Tierra. I'm seeing some Drama coming with that girl (Tierra that is) . Tierra is already setting herself apart and whining about all of the girls.  I mean hello girlfriend don't they mention that's what the show is about before they come on?     There is at least one every season right?

Sarah got the first one on one date.  Sean and she do what else (no not a helicopter ride) they scale the side of a building. Think we've seen that a time or two on Bachelor. Come on guys we want some fresh dates this season.  Sarah was pleased though and they seemed to have a good time on this first date.

Who Got A Rose:  Robyn, Jackie, Leslie M., Selma, Catherine, Sarah, Desiree, Christy, Kasey, Leslie H., Tierra, Taryn, Daniella, Ashley, Lindsay,  and the final rose goes too....

OH MY GOSH SEAN...the wicked witch Amanda.  Someone better video that girl and send it to his twitter or something.  Poor girls I'd hate to spend a minute with her sour pus attitude not to mention share a house.

Sent Packing: Dina and Brooke (sorry girls) I'd have kept you instead of Amanda =)

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