Saturday, January 19, 2013

Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks Book Review

Are you looking for a good book for this weekend? It's going to be chilly here, so I will definitely be reading at some point snuggled under a blanket.  Whatever if you are looking for a romantic tear jerker then be sure and pick up Safe Haven.

  Safe HavenSafe Haven by Nicholas Sparks
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Nicholas Sparks has a way with words that usually ends with me crying. Although I did not cry in this one it is a bit emotional.

Safe Haven has two main characters. Katie is a young woman with a secret. She is starting over in Southport North Carolina. As she comes to terms with why she is hiding and begins to share those secrets your heart aches. Alex is a widower with two small children. He loved his wife dearly. His story is again heart breaking but one of truth. But things happen to good people sometimes that's just life isn't it.

Nicholas Sparks draws you in and hooks you with these two very lovable characters. What I like about Safe Haven is that it is believable. Each event is one that you can picture happening in real life.

The ending is a Shock! Don't skip ahead it would ruin the book but it is a super ending .

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