Friday, January 18, 2013

Jamie Magee Did It Again! Vindicate Book Review

Vindicate book #5 in the Insight Series. Head over to Good Reads and catch my other reviews of the Insight series.   Jamie Magee has written a series I simply could not put down. I have loved every book and can't wait to read MORE of her wonderful work.

Vindicate (Insight, #5)Vindicate by Jamie Magee
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The newest addition of the Insight Series . Jamie Magee once again did not disappoint. Jamie writes a story that you just can not put down . I love how all of the characters from both series have come together.

This is a story filled with both light and darkness. Willow is filled with fury as she stares helpless at the bodies of her loves both Drake and Landon. She doesn't know what to do to help them and her emotion controls the weather. The storm she unleashes on Esterious could destroy it. As Willow struggles to control the rage she fills and get a handle on herself Brady is at her side helping to give her calmness.

The boys Drake and Landon have been captured by a seductress and taken to another realm. Here they are facing evil itself . War and Death are all around , will Willow make a deal with the devil to save them?

This is just the beginning to save Drake and Landon Willow goes to find Charlie. She brings Charlie, Madison, Monroe, Draven , the whole "See" crew" back with her. They are the only ones that can help her defeat Bianca and save Landon and Drake.

Then when you think these are fixing to get better tragedy strikes. A book of wonder, fantasy and pure excitement. I love love Jamie Magee and this series.

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