Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dear Men....35 Things Men Need To Know


  1. Would you want someone to say that to your daughter? treat your daughter like that? 
  2. Don't Lie she knows....
  3. Less talk More Action
  4. Play More Preach Less
  5. If you are going to criticize her appearance get ready to look in the mirror! 
  6. Just because you have one does not mean you need act like one =) 
  7. Women don't forget 
  8. Sometimes we just cry
  9. Don't ask us whats wrong a hundred times we'll find something that's wrong. 
  10. Kidney stones are not the same as giving birth
  11. Despite popular belief we don't find rubbing your feet or back attractive. 
  12. We don't like bugs or creepy crawlies and we like knowing you are scared of them less. 
  13. The one time its OK to pretend is when you don't like my dinner. 
  14. Don't fall asleep while she is in Labor . Hello! 
  15. There is no lawn around the toilet no need for watering it.
  16. and for goodness sake  put the seat down
  17. You have no clue how vicious she can be! 
  18. Real Men Stay Faithful! 
  19. S.W.A.G.  She Wants A Gentleman
  20. Repeat after me I REALLY Like that outfit! 
  21. Smell Good
  22. Dance With Her
  23. Surprise Her With A Hug And a Kiss 
  24. Don't Put Trash Over Treasure
  25. Remember others follow by example 
  26. Hold Her Hand 
  27. Practice What You Preach 
  28. Uplift With Your Words Don't Knock Us Down 
  30. Listen Intently 
  31. Open Her Door
  32. Treat Her Like A Queen  And She'll Treat You  Like A King
  33. You Can See The Way She Loves You  In Her  Smile 
  34. If All Else Fails Give Her Chocolate
  35. Don't Talk To Her Boobs